Proper yard drainage is a must in your home. Wet spots are an eyesore and a real nuisance. Moreover accumulated water is not good for grass. If the soggy area is close to the basement or crawlspace of your house, then that place could be affected and there can be instances of mold and fungi growth. Here are some simple solutions to fix your faulty drainage system.

Extend the Downspout
If you do landscaping near your house, then the result will be a basin of water. Extending the downspout will thereby help in solving the problem. Check to see if the sump pump discharge is leading to continuous water accumulation. Redirecting the downspout or changing the direction of the discharge pipe from the sump pump to some different location will help.

Sketch a Drainage Plan
In case you are unable to find a solution for your soggy yard, you need to have a backup strategy. Begin by sketching out your property showing the house, driveway, patios, street, and the other close by features. Then use a builder’s level, a line level or some other leveling method to figure out the high and low spots. Use arrows to indicate how water flows and make notes to show the relative height of high and low areas. This will help you in deciding the location for redirecting the discharged water. Contact drainage plumbing Mandurah to get expert assistance on this.

Build a Creek Bed
A creek bed is a viable solution for you to redirect water away from a low spot or a runoff into a dry well or a rain garden. If right landscaping is done, then the creek bed will good even when it is dry. A creek bed gives you the option to solve drainage problem and also create an attractive landscape feature. You can construct a creek bed to direct water away from a low spot in your yard. Moreover, if the slope of the ground allows, then you can also utilize a creek bed to drain a low spot.

Begin with creating a swale- it is essentially a gentle, shallow drainage ditch. Then line it with stones or gravel and add boulders, bridge, or paintings to decorate the area or to define the perimeter. A simple swale is quite effective to control the surface water.

Construct a Rain Garden
For those with a low spot in your yard that has a tendency to collect and then retain water, you might consider building a rain garden. This is an area which is designed to catch the water and you can fill it with water favorable plants.

Add a Drainpipe
Drain water from a low spot through an underground pipe. If you have to make this work, then you need an area to discharge the water that is lower than the inlet. You should ensure that the drainpipe slopes downhill at least 1/8 in. per foot. To construct the drain avail the help of drainage plumbing Mandurah.

Install a French Drain
A versatile system for dealing with drainage problems this allows to disperse the water over a large area through a buried perforated pipe. Surround the pipe with materials that allow the water to drain through. This can be used on its own or combine it with a dry well. If it is properly constructed then a French drain will not require an outlet. The water will simply get soaked into the soil as it flows along the perforated pipe.

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    This blog is so detailed. Wow, so much information. I feel like I can do the whole thing by myself.

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    I got so many wet spots on my yard. Now I know why. Thanks to this blog. It got so much information. And now I know how to get a proper yard drainage.

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