Different business units serve different purposes- while some properties are dedicated to shopping, some are for manufacturing goods, and some others are built to offer hospital services. So, these are busy places that are expected to operate for long hours, and have a safe and healthy environment. To explain more clearly, imagine such a property is flooded due to sewer backup! From posing health risks for employees and customers to bringing operations to a standstill, yes, any kind of untoward situation is possible. So, it is important to remember as an owner of a small or big business unit, that since it is a place that serves the public, and has people working there, you must keep it in the best condition.

Sewer backups are caused due to several reasons, and when it happens your property can be damaged considerably. In this blog, let’s discuss the causes, and ways to prevent sewer backups in commercial properties.

Also, it is important to point out that if in case your commercial unit is already facing sewer backups, in that case, you must contact a good commercial plumber. If you live in Mandurah and need help then make sure to get in touch with any leading commercial plumber in Mandurah for the best solutions.

Sewer Backups: Causes

As we have already mentioned earlier that it is important to acknowledge that sewer backup in a commercial property is triggered due to many reasons.

Tree roots

The trees that add pleasantness to the surrounding environment can be fatal for your business units because their growing roots can wrap around the pipeline and break it. This will lead to pipe backups as the wastewater will not be able to drain away from your property, and will lead to flooding, and unpleasant odor etc.

Structural flaws

Sewage backup can be caused due to installation and structural flaws for instance misaligned pipes, pipe holes and collapses, and sag in the pipes.

Flushing mistakes

Often terrible flushing mistakes lead to sewer backups. For instance, when solid objects are flushed down the drain it has a high chance of blocking the sewer line. This can be caused by the visitors, employees, and customers who enter the premises and dump their trash down the drain.

Heavy rains

Another reason that can causes sewer backup is heavy rains. If the sewer system in the property cannot drain the excess water, then it can overflow due to backup and will flood the property.

If you spot any of these problems then it is best to consult professional plumbers to fix the issues. In case your property is on the verge of getting flooded or is already flooded, give a call to an experienced plumber. If you live in Mandurah, and facing a similar situation, then call a leading commercial plumber in Mandurah.

Now let’s take a look at all the prevention tips shared by experts.

Sewer Backups: Prevention

Business property owners can avoid the sewage backup problems by following the expert suggested prevention tips.

Install sump pump

Installing a sump pump helps considerably to prevent sewer backups as it helps to drain the excess water that the sewer cannot drain from the business property. However, once you install a sump pump on your business property you must test it periodically to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Check for foundation cracks

To prevent any future sewage backups, it is important to ensure that there areno structural damages or defects in the building’s foundation. For this, you must conduct a thorough inspection and regular maintenance tasks are very important since your building is always susceptible to any kind of damage that can develop unexpectedly.

So, it is important that you permanently keep your building’s plumbing system under the vigil of plumbers. However, always make it a point to fix the problems with the help of top-class plumbers. If you live in Mandurah and require help then you can get in touch with the best commercial plumber in Mandurah.

Fixtures susceptible to backups must be removed

You must remove some plumbing fixtures that can cause backups in the sewer from the areas that are not frequently visited and inspected for instance the basement of the building.

Install sewer check valve

Sewer check valves are very helpful for situations such as when a flash storm strikes. However, you must inspect this valve every six months to ensure it is functioning properly. Although it can help to control the situation during a flash storm, know that it might not be as helpful when the sewer line of the city develops a blockage for a long duration.

Annual inspection necessary

We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to carry out sewer inspections annually. Since you can never know when it can develop a problem, the only you can prevent the problem is by conducting an inspection.

If your commercial unit is based in Mandurah, and you need help then always contact any renowned and licensed plumber in Mandurah, who can help you with the right work.

Install a flood gate valve

A flood gate valve can be successful in preventing a flood from backup. It is an automatic sewer valve and works efficiently for this purpose. These flood gates operate with air pressure and not electricity, they are very durable and designed to offer effective solutions in case of sewer backup.

If you are planning to install a flood gate valve it is suggested to take the help of professionals as they are experts in their work, and would be able to pull off the work effortlessly. Plus, this is an expensive option, hence any installation mistake can cost you considerably.

Check disposal mistake

Convey to customers, visitors and employees strictly not to drain solid objects and trash down the sewer. Place dustbins in different places on your property to prevent such damage-causing habits.


In this blog, we have not only mentioned some solutions, but also given proper attention to the causes to help you understand where some commercial business owners make the mistake. Always know that prevention is better than cure, as it will save you from trouble, and cost you less. So, inspection and maintenance, in this case are a must. However, in case you are already facing such a problem, then you must immediately contact a professional to put stop to the situation from accelerating. If you live in Mandurah and are looking for a qualified commercial plumber in Mandurah, then you can get in touch with QA Plumbing Company. They have 17 years of experience in this field and have the expertise and resources to offer the best solutions. To schedule an appointment with them, give a call at (08) 9582 8822 or drop a mail at admin@qaplumbing.com.au.

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