Homeowners, typically, when it comes to remodelling, end up replacing the roofs, painting the rooms, and even maintaining the landscaping. However, if there is one thing that doesn’t come across our eyes regularly but plays an important part of the house and requires repair as well are the pipes. Hiring professionals for pipe repair Mandurah can ensure that your drainage and sewage system is working in proper order and doesn’t have any problem throughout the year.

How to Ensure that the Pipes Work Flawlessly?

Sewer pipes, especially because they are mostly hidden out of our sights, are overlooked and only thought of when a problem arises. So, today, let’s find out the three steps to solving any sewer pipe problems at your house and see what works the best for your requirements:

  1. High-Quality Sewer Inspection: The very first step for pipe repair Mandurah is going for a high-quality video inspection. Here, professional plumbers bring a video camera that produces high-definition full-colour footage of the sewage with a self-levelling camera that stays above the water to get a thorough look at the problem. With the footage being recorded, you would be able to see all brand openings as well. If there is any water or debris inside the pipeline that prohibits the inspection, a hydro-jetter is used to remove those from sight immediately. This inspection notes the linear footage of the pipe, diameter changes, the entire diameter of the pipe, all deficiencies, and the location and number of branch connections.
  2. Pinpoint the Problem with the Pipes: Once the complete sewer inspection is complete, the professionals go on to provide a not-to-scale drawing of the drainage system and a deficiency report. This mentions all the problems with the system, including cracks, tree root intrusion, blockages, and even channelling, thereby noting the repairs needed for the same. A systematic smoke or vapour test can also be used to pinpoint the exact problems with the pipe by checking through which part the sewer gas is escaping.
  3. Choose the Pipe Repair Method: Last, but not least, now that the homeowner is aware of the problems with the pipeline and in which part the issues persist, they choose the ideal repair method. This repair method would typically be determined by the extent of the problem that is causing the damage. At times, if the pipes are deteriorating behind the walls and under the home, you might have to opt for complete pipelining. Or, you may also have to go through an overhaul, including replacement of tiles, kitchen, and the concrete foundation as well.

Conclusion: Most of these problems increase over the time that they have been left untouched and cannot be fixed by DIY methods. QA Plumbing is one of the finest companies that has been providing pipe repair Mandurah over a decade at competitive rates. Not only are the plumbers trained and licensed, but they also can be called during emergencies at your house, any time of the day, as and when required. In case you want to get your sewer system checked or opt for the pipe repair, feel free to write to info@qaplumbing.com.au.

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