The differences between licensed and unlicensed plumbers are many. In fact, opting for the latter can cost you a lot of money. Furthermore, improper installations of hot water units, faulty taps and sinks are not covered by the insurance. Everyone is not aware of the laws regarding plumbing licenses. Generally, they opt for local unlicensed plumbers because of their inherent affordability. But, they do not realise that they are causing more harm than good, in their efforts to save a few bucks. In this post, we are going to delineate the reasons why everyone should go for licensed residential plumbing services only, even if they cost a bit more than their unlicensed equivalents.

Legal Problems
Lawsuits can be filed against you by your tenant or any Government agency for using unlicensed residential plumbing contractors. You may even be dragged to the court if any kind of accident results due to improper plumbing repairs or installations. And, with the local handyman, these things are quite frequent. They may use wrong tools or misdiagnose the issue altogether. If such a thing happens, the risk increases and you may face some serious hazards later.

Health Risks
By opting for unlicensed plumbers, you are jeopardising your life and that of your family members and neighbours. Improper plumbing installations can cause serious injuries and even deaths. For example, a gas water heater, if not installed properly, can lead to serious issues and even pose a threat to your family and friends. So, it is better not to impose a life risk over your family to save a few bucks.

Insurance Decline
If any hot water unit, or a tap, or the sink, stop working due to faulty repair or installation, do not expect the insurance company to cover for it. You have to replace the entire thing. Needless to say, it will cost you more than licensed plumbing services. So, why choose the handyman over the licensed plumbers when you can get the latter by spending a little extra?

You can be charged a fine of $5,000 if you perform any plumbing work without a permit. Keep it in mind when calling the local inexperienced plumbers for help. Even after that, if you feel that licensed plumbers are too costly, there N number of affordable residential plumbing services, all licensed, over the web. Check those options out before you take any final decision.

Increased Chances Of Frauds
The unlicensed plumbers have no regulatory board to report. Hence, there are higher chances of trickery. They may make the situation worse without you being aware of it. So, think hard before you welcome any random unlicensed plumber in your home.

Why take such risks just for some amount of money? Think about the future when you opt for such services. It is the safety of your family that you should be worried about. Licensed residential plumbing services follow a system and, they offer services accordingly. They may seem to be a bit more expensive, but, what is the cost of one’s life? Are you ready to pay for it? We guess not.

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  • Kate Welling

    September 30, 2017 | Reply

    I noticed that my toilet seems to be leaking and need to get it fixed very soon. I agree that it is important to hire a licensed plumber because if anything happens to them on the job I do not want to be held responsible. I will be sure to ask for the plumber's license number when scheduling them to come and repair my leaking toilet.

  • Nate

    December 6, 2018 | Reply

    I am going to remodel my bathroom, and I have been looking for the right plumber to help me. I will definitely ask about warranties as I search, thanks for sharing.

  • Dean Phillips

    February 28, 2019 | Reply

    It's interesting how improper installations of hot water units, faulty taps, and sinks are not covered by plumber's insurance. My brother recently had a pipe burst in his kitchen that leaked through the floorboards and flooded his basement, so he is looking for a plumber to go to his house and fix it for him. It would be good for him to hire a licensed professional to ensure that the job is done accurately and efficiently.

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