For a homeowner, nothing is more annoying than a blocked drain. They are just plain and simply nasty. Apart from the foul smell and the inconvenience it causes, a clogged drain is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, which in turns produces a strong odour. Honestly, you can’t avoid getting a clogged drain, but there are certain ways in which you can reduce the intensity in which it occurs. In fact, residential plumbers reason blocked drains as the foremost plumbing issue faced by most homeowners. But before learning cool tips about how to deal with clogged drains, it is pivotal to recognise the potential threats which contribute to draining your drains. Some of these can be summarised here as follows:

  • Hair

  • Plants

  • Grease

  • Corroding or Broken Pipes

  • Bad Installation

  • Foreign Objects

So, how to ensure that the drain doesn’t get blocked?

1. Run hot water mixed with baking soda and vinegar

One of the finest drain cleansing agent, the baking soda is a common occupant in our kitchens. Hence, it is readily available and could be utilised during emergency situations as well. You should dump a considerable amount of baking soda inside the drains and after leaving it for a few minutes, you should thoroughly wash it with hot water.

2. Clean drain stoppers regularly (and no paper flushing down the toilet)

As per the frequency of requirement or as much you can, you should unclog the stoppers. For gross obstacles, you may have to remove the stopper and pull them out. You may wear the kitchen gloves while you proceed with the cleaning process.

3. Use drain screens

The drain screens stop the gross waste materials to flow out with water and clog the drains. However, if you don’t perform timely cleaning operations, water will stop flowing out of the drains and settle down on the bathroom or kitchen floor making it slippery and stinking. If you have older and infant members in your family, slippery and slimy floors would up the risk factor.

4. Regular inspection for broken pipes, especially if you have a septic tank

Prolonged usage prompts the breakage of rusted parts of the pipe. The parts of the pipe, when stuck inside it, would result in the blockage of water. One should take added care if the pipe is heading towards the underground septic tank.

Thus, if you want to avoid the nuisance called clogged drain in your home, use the above-mentioned information appropriately. Keep these in mind and apply these tips generously to reduce the occurrence of a blocked drain. You can hire professional plumbers for services in blocked drains Mandurah based for an affordable price today.

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