If we take a look at all the things that are important in a household to function properly, we often overlook the water heater because we take it for granted. However, when you have a hot water system in place, you should always keep an eye out for leaks or other problems as they can, if ignored, be a disaster for your personal property. So, today, let’s take a look at the signs of your hot water system facing a problem and find out the best time to contact hot water plumbers Mandurah

The Source of a Water Heater Leak

Before you start preparing for the water heater leak repair, you must be aware of the root cause of the problem. Typically, the cause of hot water system leaks is one of all of these issues:

  1. Broken Valves: Water heater drain valves, more often than not, are made up of plastic, composite material, or bras. Plastic, well, is the cheapest option, and is thus easily available, but that also means that it is easy to break and cause a leak.
  2. Loose Water Line: Believe it or not, the tubes that bring the cold water to the system to turn into hot water and then carry the hot water to the tap can also loosen and cause leaks. If the valve has become rusty, it has to be replaced completely. However, if the pipe fitting is the only thing that is loose, tightening it can seal the job for you.
  3. Corrosion: Water heaters are designed in a way that it resists corrosion as much as possible. But, with regular usage, water heaters might be susceptible to corrosion. A corroded tank unit is thus one of the most common reasons for a leaking system.

What are the Immediate Things to Do When the Leak is Determined?

Once you have reviewed the leak and its reason, you would want to first get in touch with hot water plumbers Mandurah. Certain hot water system leaks are easier to fix than the others and thus can be done without professional help, such as tightening loose water lines. But, it is always advised that you let the plumbers do their job in order to avoid any long-term issues. You can try to firmly tighten the loose water lines or the temperature-pressure relief valve (TPV) without over-fastening them. If the valves are broken, they can be replaced inexpensively as well. Having a professional look at these issues is the best way to handle things to get the best results without having to invest a lot of time or money in them.

Conclusion: You should never treat the leaking water heater lightly. This can not only cause damage to the hot water tank but can also be the reason harmful mould-breeding fungi gets attracted to your plumbing system, thereby being the carrier of diseases. QA Plumbing is one of the finest companies run by licensed and certified hot water plumbers in Mandurah who can repair all types of plumbing, sewage, and drainage problems at the quickest time, even during emergencies. To know more on the subject, you can get in touch with QA Plumbing.

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