No one can think of cooking in their homes without the use of gas, right? While most of us are pretty comfortable with the use of gas cylinders for cooking, the slightest of leaks get us worried. A gas leak happens when the natural gas present inside the cylinders or other appliances leaks because of a damaged pipeline. The plumbers, to fix this issue, have to face grave dangers which, if not detected at the right time, might even turn dangerous. This blog would touch upon gas leaks and everything you need to know about the same.

What are natural gas and a gas leak?

Natural gas, as the name suggests, is a naturally occurring gas that is composed primarily of several hydrocarbon gases. A major component of this particular gas is methane along with carbon dioxide, making it light in weight and more volatile. As a non-renewable source of energy, this gas is highly combustible and thus is used as an energy source in houses. However, this also means that you have to be extremely wary of the use and be safe around it.

Even though the gas appliances are convenient to use, they might be very risky when you have not installed them properly. That is why it is always suggested that you call in a professional gas plumber Mandurah to fix the same for you. A gas leak, happening typically in damaged or old pipes, can also take place in pipes that are underneath the growth. You, as a homeowner, have to take extra care to maintain these pipes time and again to be safe.

How to detect a leak in the gas?

Natural gas is completely odourless and that is why you might often miss out on a leak. However, if you speak to a professional regarding the same, you would find several ways to ensure that the pipes are not suffering from a leak. The fact that natural gas is often laced with chemicals such as mercapans which have the odour of rotten eggs can be an excellent way of detecting a leak. If you ever feel that there is a leak and you smell of eggs, immediately inspect the appliance and ensure that there is no fire or spark in the near vicinity. Your appliances might also emit a roaring sound at times signaling you of the leak. Another very common way of detecting a leaking gas pipe is a sudden increase in your electricity bill.

During a gas leak, the first thing that you would have to do is not panic. Most homeowners start panicking during this leak and that might make things worse. You need to stay calm and open all the doors and windows to let fresh air in. Inhaling natural gas can also be fatal for you. It is also advised that you do not turn any electrical appliances on during this time or light a match nearby. You may also want to step outside and breathe in fresh air till the time a professional check on the same.

1.Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous to your health.

2.It can cause fires and explosions if not dealt with correctly.

3.It can destroy vegetation and plants.

4.Can be extremely fatal to humans and especially animals.

5.It is extremely harmful to the environment.

A licensed professional is the only person qualified enough to handle any such leak correctly without causing anybody any harm.

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