As a reputed plumber, it is his duty to make his clients aware of the latest ways to transform their old toilets into modern energy-efficient ones by installing various water saving equipment & other technologies. By doing so, as a user you not only do your bit in saving the environment but you also reduce your monthly bills while at the same time deriving pleasure.

In this blog, we shall the latest systems of intelligent toilets & water saving devices that are available in the market.

1. Kohler Veil Smart Toilet- This type of toilet comes with balanced curves & has a well-integrated functionality. Its precise features offer optimum hygiene & maximum individual comfort that includes personal cleansing, LED nightlight & hands-free opening & closing. All the features can also be controlled using a LCD remote. Some eye-grabbing features are: an elongated bowl that offers room & comfort, tankless design with direct water supply, dual flush, stainless steel wand provides adjustable spray shape, water pressure & temperature & many other features. It has a dual flush technology that allows full or partial flush. Moreover, this product meets water saving requirements for the California Energy Commission(CEC).

2. American Standard Acti-Clean System- This product comes also with a self-cleaning bowl that cleans & removes stains with just a single button press; it also contains EverClean surface that stays clean longer even after flushing the toilet for 91,000 times compared to ordianary toilet surfaces; it has child lock feature that permits you to lock the system so that the child cannot turn on clean cycle leading to wastage; it also has a clean curve rim that prevents the trapping of dirt on the rim area; lastly it is Water Sense approved & is ideal if you believe in conservation of water. Moreover, this toilet uses VorMax Flush technology that helps to maintain a clean bowl through powerful scrubbing action that cleans better than an ordinary toilet.

3. Acquifer Filtration System- Without affecting your faucet’s performance, acquifer filters out water efficiently. It has an easy-to-install design that saves your time & energy while installation & also occupies less space when fixed beneath the sink. It is ideally suitable for beverage faucets like KOHLER, Wellspring faucet but also suits well with a kitchen or bathroom sink faucet. Lastly, it provides clean water by removing any kind of impurity, that is safe for your health.

4. Delta Leak Detector- This device comes with user-friendly features. It has a sleek white disc-like appearance & is quite strong; it can fit anywhere beneath the sink or inside utility closets. Delta has the ability to control temperature & is very helpful during winters when pipes are at a high risk of freezing. Most importantly, you will need to install the app that will control this device. It comes with wi-fi connectivity that can connect your cell phone using the app to the device. The equipment beeps & flashes its middle LED whenever there is a leak; it also has a backup notification system.

5. Kohler Honesty Faucets- Inspired by modern European designs, these faucets comes with square features & results in easy-to-clean bathroom ambiance. Some of the essential features are: it has single lever handle that leads to easy on/off; 1.2gpm flow rate of water; lifetime durable performance; contains pop-up drain & has low-flow aerator option too. This product uses 45% less water than ordinary faucets & also meets water saving requirements for California Energy Commission(CEC).

Conclusion: Embracing the latest intelligent toilet & water saving systems can do wonders to a great extent. It facilitates convenient usage for less mobile people like the aged or the ill. Consider contacting your trusted & experienced plumber at the earliest to avail such benefits.

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    Very Cool Plumbing blog and the great article about on Plumbing Service & Devices. Cheers author your Awesome Topic and The outstanding Content. Truly I like it and I have no words to Explain my feelings about your post.

  • Jayden

    February 28, 2019 | Reply

    Smart toilets are much in-demand now and reading about such efficient toilet devices, has prompted me to also install one of them!

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