Switching to solar hot water is a smart move that a homeowner can make. As water heating forms the major part of your energy bills, you may resort to solar energy to save on the electricity bills. You already know that solar hot water system uses the energy from the sun to heat up water. Some of the important components of hot water system are electric/gas booster, water storage tank, solar collector to absorb the rays of the sun and convert into solar energy. When compared to conventional hot water system, solar hot water installation Mandurah can bring about significant savings in the energy bills.

Where to place the water tank?
You may call solar hot water plumbers Mandurah to learn about the best location. However, the roof can be the best spot for placing the water tank. Only the installer will be aware of the best location where water tank can absorb maximum rays of the sun.

When to replace solar hot water system?
When the solar hot water system has crossed its average lifespan and is unable to perform its usual functions it is best to replace the unit. Since this is a significant purchase for your home, you should always compare your suppliers and convey your needs to the installer and then choose a model, tank size and the number of panels.

Some important considerations to keep in mind when installing a solar hot water system:

– Take care to ensure that your solar collectors are not shaded by trees or the nearby buildings
– Have all the pipes well insulated
– Read the warranty carefully and see whether it includes frost protection
– Place the storage tank and the solar collector as close together as possible to reduce the length of the connecting pipes
– You should install the system as close as possible to the kitchen, laundry, and the bathroom
– Get a low flow showerhead fitted. 30% of home hot water use is taken up by showering
– Keep the booster thermostat at its recommended setting of 60 degree Celsius
– Make sure that you get in touch with a licensed plumber and a registered electrical contractor for all kinds of plumbing and electricity related work.

Solar hot water installation Mandurah is a great way to save on the energy bills and electricity bills. Choose a registered and licensed plumber for the installation. Solar hot water plumbers can help in the installation of solar hot water systems. Solar hot water system using energy from the sun can bring about huge savings. It is also an environment friendly option. More and more household and commercial organizations are opting for solar energy in order to reduce the carbon footprint on a global level and also to lower the energy cost.

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