The one plumbing problem that no one likes to face is toilet problems. A malfunctioning or an overflowing toilet are among the worst nuisance. It is messy and time consuming. Mostly they cannot be solved by the usual home owner and requires the assistance of an experienced plumber trained in toilet repair works Mandurah.

You should always keep a close watch on your toilet system so that any time the toilet starts malfunctioning you can take steps to remedy the situation. At times it so happens that the toilet might stop functioning and you need the assistance of a plumber immediately. Hence it is better to look out for signs of trouble so that you can be better prepared.

Frequent Clogging Problems
Toilet clogs can occur due to a lot of reasons. But chronic clogging can be a sign of some serious trouble. Clogging can be caused due to things that might get stuck down the drainpipe. The culprit may be pieces of paper, sanitary wipes, toys thrown in by children. However, if this trend continues, then you have to consult a plumber to get to the root of the issue.

Your Toilet is not a Low-Flow Toilet
Older toilets, those that were installed before the 1990’s uses a lot of water, around 3.5 to 6 gallons of water per flush. Newer toilets use a lot less water, around 1.6 gallons. Check your water bills to get an estimate of the amount of water that is being used. While the installation of a new toilet system may incur a sufficient cost, however, this will actually be helpful in the long run.

Your Toilet has Chips and Cracks
When your toilet starts leaking water, make sure that you check for signs of cracks or chips. If and when you do find cracks then it is important to repair them to prevent further leaking. Let a professional residential plumber take a look. Get it checked when you still have time so that you do not have to end up replacing it later on. Replacing the whole toilet will be quite a costlier affair, hence get those cracks and chips fixed on time.

You are always Making Repairs
This rule holds true for each and every thing. If you find yourself making repairs on a regular basis then something is seriously wrong with the toilet plumbing system. You have to seek the help of toilet repair Mandurah. Having it replaced will be much more of a cost-effective solution.

Go by the general rule of the thumb, if your next repair costs you more than half of what it would take you to purchase a new toilet then it is more economical and a wise decision to purchase a new toilet altogether. This will help in both water conservation and also lead to energy savings. Contact a professional residential plumber Mandurah to have your toilet system fixed.

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  • Archie

    April 26, 2018 | Reply

    Nicely written and I learned so much. Now, I will start keeping a lookout for any of these signs and get them checked out as soon as they develop.

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