The lifespan of a hot water system is generally 10-12 years and if the system has crossed this lifespan, you may consider replacing it. One must use efficient heating and cooling system to save on the energy bills. Before you think about replacing it, consider repairing the hot water system. Hot water system repair Mandurah is the best way to avoiding huge costs of replacement. What matters here is the quality of water in your locality, the maintenance schedule you follow, the model and make of the unit, quality of installation. The decision to repair or replace hot water system is also dependent on the problems you usually face with the system.

Some of the most common water heater issues results-

–  When you fail to connect power supply or gas supply to the water heater.
–  There can be electrical issues such as tripped breaker or the blown fuse. Shut off the power supply and check the fuse and other electrical components.
–  There can also be water heater leakage in the pipe or valve if the heater is more than 10-12 years old.
–  At times when too much sediment has built up in the water heater tank then you may need to go for a water heater flush.
–  Insulating the water heater pipe is a wise move since it can reduce heat loss and also raise the water temperature. When you go for pipe insulation, it ensures that the water stays hot for a longer period of time.

When you have dealt with all the above issues then you can finally increase the thermostat so as to get more hot water. However, it is important to keep in mind that the lack of hot water can also mean a bigger problem than merely a low thermostat setting. You must definitely go for hot water replacement Mandurah in such case.

What is the cost of replacement?

If you want to replace the water heater, you may have to incur $900- $2000. The cost includes the cost of-
–  Water heater
–  Labour charges
–  Supplies

Water heater problems are quite a common occurrence. It is fairly easy to deal with them. However, if you keep experience the same problem over and over again, then you might think about investigating the root cause of the problem.

It is recommended to get in touch with a certified and experienced plumber as soon as you start experiencing problems with your water heater. Delaying it will only prolong the problem and making it worse. You might end up with a huge expensive work.

Whether you need hot water system repair Mandurah or replacement, you may summon the best contractor. Most of the contractors located online are experienced, certified and can carry out any repair work. Let them know about your budget beforehand so that they can proceed accordingly.

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    So, that’s why my water heater needs so many repairs. I never quite knew what’s the problem with it. This blog helped me a lot.

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