House owners often deal with rainwater drainage as an insignificant issue and discard the rainwater from downpipes on residential property. Improper draining rainwater and directing it to neighbours’ property or on the street is not ideal and irresponsible. Moreover, this can lead to issues like soil erosion, chances of building or concrete pad cracks and subsidence. As Western Australia is prone to frequent storms, rainwater drainage is a common problem in the region. Although it is not mandatory to install a soakwell in your property, installing one with the help of Mandurah residential plumbers can help you to properly drain the rainwater from your property. If you’re interested to know how investing in soakwell can help you? Then continue reading this blog.

What is a soakwell?

Soakwells are constructions that are usually large and porous and built underground. These constructions help to contain a considerable amount of rainwater and are built for the proper drainage of rainwater. Soakwells work by diverting the rainwater through pipes and dispersing it to the soil.

How it can help your property?

Let’s take a look at how installing a soakwell can help your property:

Protect your property

Allowing the rainwater from the downpipes to settle beside your foundation can cause structural damage to your property like cracks. On the other hand, when downpipes are connected to the soakwells it helps to take away the excess water from your property and drain it to the soakwell. This helps to prevent flooding, corrosion, cracks, sagging and other issues.

Prevent soil erosion

Improper drainage of water on your property can lead to soil erosion. Soil erosion occurs when heavy rainwater washes away the good soil. Once soil erosion takes place, it is difficult to reverse the process. Since Western Australia is prone to frequent and sudden storms, such phenomenons can be easily triggered. Installing a soakwell can help you to prevent such phenomenons and save your property.

Protect paved surfaces on your property

If you have paved surfaces around your property, then it is likely on your part to protect the paved surfaces from damages posed by standing rainwater. In such a case soakwell can help you. Standing water beside paved surfaces can wreak havoc and lead to sagging, cracks and even subsidence. To prevent such probabilities, installing a soakwell is essential and worthwhile. If you are facing the problem of rainwater flooding and other improper drainage issues and want to prevent it, then contact residential plumbing services in Mandurah and install a soakwell.

Protect the environment

Installing a soakwell will not only help to safeguard your property from damage but also, help you to maintain the groundwater level. As the population and suburbs in Western Australia continue to grow, it is leading to the increase of solid and impermeable surfaces. Such a condition adds to the issue of a reduced water table. Building a soakwell can be an effective solution to this problem, as the excess water flows to the soakwell, seeps and replenishes the groundwater level.


Soakwells can not only contain the rainwater within your property limits, but can help you save your property as well. Besides, failing to contain the rainwater within your premises can be termed as a legal offence. To install a soakwell in your property in Mandurah, you need to get in touch with experienced and qualified plumbers. QA Plumbing is a 17-year-old plumbing company that offers reliable residential plumbing services in Mandurah at cost-effective rates. So, for installing a soakwell, you can contact them at (08) 9582 8822 or drop a mail at

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