With the arrival of solar water heaters, we have stepped into the era of clean, instantaneous, and sustainable hot water. In today’s world, where solar power is used everywhere, you must want to incorporate it into your hot water system too. Opt for a sustainable energy investment by contacting a solar hot water installer Mandurah.

The Benefits of Installing a Solar Water System

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to install a solar hot water system at your house, such as:

  • Renewable and green energy source

This one is an obvious fact, and it is easier to understand when you compare it with a non-renewable energy source. For example, if a family of four uses an electric geyser that runs on a non-renewable source, such as a coal-powered thermal power plant, it may generate about 3kgs of CO2 each day. However, solar water systems run on a green energy source, which is the Sun. Hence, they have a minimal carbon footprint.

  • Zero operating costs

Solar water systems have zero maintenance costs because of the absence of any moving electrical parts. Periodic maintenance is recommended only if you reside in an area with hard water conditions. However, it is a concern only in up-country locations, and not common in cities. Either way, the maintenance costs are minimal and you can also purchase annual maintenance contracts for an affordable rate.

  • Work during power cuts and in absence of the sun

Solar water systems come with large and insulated storage tanks. The water is stored by the main tank. It is followed by a layer of insulation and a final layer of outer cladding in order to cover the insulation. These thick layers of insulation can keep the water heated for a few days, with minimal overnight heat losses. Therefore, you can use them for a prolonged period even during power cuts and heavy rainfall, in the absence of the sun.

  • Instantaneous source of hot water

With a good plumbing line and a good solar water system, you can get hot water instantly, whenever you need it. Thanks to the modern composite pipes, plumbing lines do not allow much loss of heat. It would not be wrong to say that solar water system storage tanks are able to deliver 90% of the hot water output.

  • Multiple capacities

The requirement of a solar water heating system depends on the headcounts of the family. Obviously, a family of four would need a much bigger size than a family of two. Moreover, you also need to consider emergency capacity if guests are coming over. Considering these requirements, solar water systems are available in various sizes.

  • Perfect for pressurized applications

If you have pressurized applications like rainfall showerheads at your house, you may want to enjoy a hot water shower in the morning or evening. However, the fun experience can be disrupted if instant hot water lacks or your showerhead is missing a pressure boosting pump. Solar water heaters can be ideal for an excellent bathing experience as they combine high pressure with instant hot water.

Conclusion: Solar water systems offer amazing benefits over gas and electric water heaters. They are cost-effective, long-lasting, and also reduce the carbon footprint significantly. QA Plumbing is one of the leading solar hot water installers in Mandurah that offer excellent solar hot water units, and the plumbers are available 7 days a week to assist you. You may contact QA Plumbing by sending a mail at admin@qaplumbing.com.au.

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