Pouring anything & everything down the drain is a strict no-no. The reason you must be knowing very well. Your drain can get clogged & lead to an utter mess in the kitchen. Needless to mention, your sparkling kitchen can smell as bad as trash. Similarly, pouring grease should also be avoided as it can cause the similar consequences. Although grease is not a solid waste, it does have a serious impact when it cools down.

In this blog, we shall discuss why is grease bad for the drains, how to dispose of the grease, what to do if grease is already poured & how the intervention of expert plumbers are useful.

Why grease & oil are enemies to your drain?

Many people think that pouring grease & oil in the drain is the best way to dispose of such stuff. But do you know that although it is a slippery liquid, these liquid elements are the chief contributors for clogging your drain & also for sewage spills & pipe backups.

Whenever grease is poured down the drain, it sticks to the to the pipe hot water cannot flush the grease out. The grease just accumulates with time & eventually clogs the drain. Foodstuffs like oil, butter, mayonnaise, cheese, sauces, grave are all chief sources of grease. Remember! Next time when you eat these, do not pour the remaining down the drain.

Ways to keep the grease away from the drain

1. Do not dispose of the greasy & oily foods like other ordinary ways of disposing of garbage. Instead scrape out the grease & oil completely from the plates & throw it in the garbage can. You can also insert a strainer in your sink drain so that even if grease is poured, it will automatically get stuck in the strainer.

2. Before washing the greasy dishes, you can also wipe the dishes with a paper towel after having an oily dish.

3. f you have a large amount of oil & grease, wait for it to cool down completely & then pour it inside a plastic container or into a bottle with a lid & throw it away.

What to do if grease is already poured into the drain?

1. Boil a vessel of water & pour it regularly down the drain. This will liquefy the grease that has become solid & has settled comfortably in the drain pipe. As a result, the grease will start moving out of the pipe.

2. Add vinegar & baking soda to the boiling water & pour this mixture down the drain. This will help the fat to break down & your drain will also smell fresher.

3. Using ammonia can also effectively remove the settled grease from your drain.

When to seek the help of professional plumbers?

If you notice the water has begun accumulating in the sink, there is a gurgling sound when water passes into the drain & bad smell is released from the drain, you can use the above-mentioned tips & see if it has solved the problem. If the problem still exists, you should seek the expert help of professional plumbers as they are well-versed in effectively treating such clogged drains.

Conclusion- Grease & oil are the main contributors for clogging your drain. Refrain from pouring such stuff so that your drain remains healthy & clog-free.

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  • Mariah

    October 27, 2018 | Reply

    Before reading this blog, I used to pour grease down my drain without any worry! Now I am aware of the harmful effects of grease on my drain & definitely I will do all that it takes to keep the grease away from the drain. The mentioned tips about what to do if grease is already poured, has really benefitted me just at the right time.

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