What better news can there be than having a new member in your family. The arrival of a baby in your family calls for celebration and at the same time, making room for certain changes. From modifying your furniture space to choosing the perfect colour for your baby’s room or finding a professional governess, a baby’s arrival means a whole new world of changes, modifications and adjustments. Not to forget, even your plumbing system needs to adapt to certain changes to make it safe for your baby.

Thinking about what are those changes? Worried about how to incorporate them? Don’t worry! By availing professional plumbing solutions in Mandurah, getting your plumbing ready for your baby is convenient. But what are those plumbing modifications? This blog will tell you all.

1. Install a diaper sprayer: Nowadays, the use of green products (products that keep your environment safe and clean) is becoming quite popular and you cannot ignore the usefulness of cloth diapers. A cloth diaper is not only cost-effective but also reduces landfill waste. Cloth diapers can be washed and reused unless you have poopy diapers for which you need a tool like a diaper sprayer. Like a hand shower, whenever you use the diaper sprayer, a stream of water sprays out on the diaper and as a result, the entire poop and other wastes run down the toilet. You can always rely upon a professional plumber in Mandurah for installing a diaper sprayer. With such expert plumbing assistance, you can be assured to have a trouble-free experience every time you use a diaper sprayer.

2. Service your water heater: Hot water is particularly harmful as it can easily scald babies and toddlers. Hence, to avoid burns on your baby’s tender skin, reduce your water heater’s temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or less. While turning down the temperature, don’t forget to check your water heater for any signs of damages like moisture, leaks and corrosion. However, it is highly recommended to get your water heater serviced before your new-born arrives to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

3. Check for leaks and clogs: When the baby finally enters your home, naturally, you will be busy in attending to your new born. In the midst of this, what if you find your drain clogged or there is a leak in your bathroom? In such a situation, attending your baby or plumbing problems is surely a difficult decision to make. Hence, you must check for leaks and clogs before the baby is born so that you can focus more on your little one and not on your plumbing system when the time comes. Take note of all the drips after turning off your faucets, check if the water is flowing smoothly into the drain and whether water is accumulating anywhere inside your house. Should you come across such signs, call a professional plumber before the problem becomes worse.

4. Install baby-proofing products: You can find several baby-proofing products that can keep your little one safe in the bathroom. Faucet cover for the bathtub is a must-have tool for all good reasons. A faucet cover prevents your baby from knocking his/her head accidentally on the bathtub’s faucet. A spigot cover can help you to determine the right water temperature and prevent your baby from burns. Contacting experienced plumbers in Mandurah will certainly be a wise decision as they are more acquainted with the recent baby-proofing products that ensure maximum protection for your new born.

Conclusion: Having a baby in the family is indeed the beginning of a new journey. There is no doubt that it is the biggest reason to rejoice but along with this comes major responsibilities. If you are about to become a parent, it is time you avail plumbing solutions in Mandurah and get all your plumbing problems treated because once the baby arrives, you won’t have time to look into your plumbing problems.

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