Given the present situation due to the massive COVID-19 outbreak, the world is witnessing a severe crisis of many things – protective masks, sanitizers, food, medicines and most importantly, toilet paper. With the scarcity of toilet paper hitting almost all the stores far and wide, you have searched the internet desperately to find out what are the safe alternatives to toilet paper that won’t clog your drain. But with the facts varying from one website to the other, it is impossible to navigate through the fact and fiction. If flushing wet wipes are considered safe in one resource, it is absolutely unsafe in the other. There are many alternatives to toilet paper but flushing them down could block your drain and availing plumbing services in Mandurah is your only resort.

To reduce your inconvenience and keep confusions at bay, we have assembled some useful information about toilet paper alternatives and your plumbing system.

What happens to your plumbing system when you flush down wet wipes
Flushable wipes are the new toilet paper and by now, you are quite familiar with these. However, there is just one thought in your mind while using flushable wipes – should I flush it down?

Flushable wipes are great for cleaning yourself, especially when you’re outdoors and do not have proper toilet amenities. On the other hand, introducing them to your plumbing system will invite more plumbing hazards. Since flushable wipes take longer time to disintegrate, there could be frequent clogs in your plumbing system.

What to avoid flushing down your toilet
We know how tempting it is to flush wipes and napkins rather than disposing of them in the waste bin. But on a serious note, you should avoid flushing them if you don’t want to incur costly repairs. So, the things that shouldn’t find a way into your plumbing system are:
– Hair & dental floss
– Facial tissues
– Baby or disinfectant wipes, diapers
– Fats, grease and oils
– Cotton balls
– Sanitary napkins, tampons

These items must not be flushed down as they can block your sewer lines, prompting you to call a local plumber in Mandurah. However, if you are using any of these, always dispose of in a waste bin.

Various toilet paper alternatives
Toilet paper is primarily used for wiping and when there is no toilet paper, there are more alternatives than you can imagine!

1. Wet wipes: Wet wipes are one of the most common toilet paper alternatives. Today, the demand for wet wipes has increased up to 50% and is used by people of all ages. The main reasons why it is a popular toilet paper alternative are:
– Contains cleansing ingredients
– Provides comfort and prevent chafing
– Cost-effective

However, after using a wet wipe, be mindful enough to throw it in a waste bin instead of flushing down.

2. Attachable bidet: Any standard toilet or plumbing system can make use of an attachable bidet. After using the toilet, the person sits on the bidet bowl, turns on the water and cleanses himself. There are two types of attachable bidet:

Non-hands free – you can manually control the angle while using it.
Hands-free – operates on a knob or control that is attached to the side of the toilet. It is hands-free and the angle cannot be controlled.

3. Fixed bidet: Another well-known alternative is the fixed bidet. It follows the mechanism of an attached bidet but looks very much different. This is also of two types:

A separate bidet – after using the toilet, the person moves to the bidet and cleanses.
Integrated bidet –  It combines the functions of both the bidet and toilet and you don’t have to use the toilet separately.

By availing professional plumbing services in Mandurah, installing a fixed or attached bidet is always a safe and reliable process and you don’t even have to hunt for toilet paper anymore!

Conclusion: Due to the present scarcity of toilet papers, it is time to explore the various toilet paper alternatives as mentioned above. These alternatives are equally good, effective, hygienic and affordable. However, when using wet wipes, care should be taken not to flush them down as wet wipes clog the drain and you will have to hire plumbing services in Mandurah to remove the clog and get your drain back to normal.

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