There are numerous dishes piled up in your sink, and just when you were halfway through, you find your hot water turning suddenly cold. You think that it’s probably because you are taking long enough to do the dishes, but this continues to happen even when you’re taking a bath the next day, and the day after as well. That is when it should strike you! The problem lies in your plumbing system, and you need to call a hot water plumber in Mandurah to fix it.

Reasons You Have Run Out of Hot Water

Running out of hot water, especially when the temperature is cold enough, is indeed frustrating, especially if your family requires hot water now and then. Since boiling water in a pan for all the requirements is not a feasible solution, let us take a look at the reasons why you are running out of hot water and why you should call a professional plumber:

  1. Old water heater: You need to remember that all things in your home, especially when it comes to electrical appliances, have a small lifespan. If you keep on using something for a long time, it is guaranteed that someday it would stop functioning. There are water heaters bought from reputable companies that work for more than ten years. In the meanwhile, any problems can be easily fixed. But, if your water heater is more than a decade old and is still encountering problems, think about replacing it for best results. In case your heater is not that old, look for leaks and get them fixed.
  2. Small water heater: All the appliances in your house must be suitable for the number of members in your family. If by any chance, an appliance is smaller than your ideal requirements, you would then have to use it more than you would have. This would also mean that you run out of hot water soon or maybe ruin the mechanism earlier than expected because of the overuse. If you are a family of two, professionals recommend a 30-gallon water heater. A three-member family would require a 40-gallon heater and so on. If you see that the hot water is running out and there is no leak, check for the heater’s capacity and see how much are you using.
  3. Sediment accumulation: Water consists of natural minerals. Now, when the water flows through the heater, it is common for some of those minerals and sediments to gather inside. If this keeps on happening over time, then the sediments can start building up, given the fact that they are heavier than water. The buildup of sediments can then limit the water capacity of the tank, thereby resulting in you running out of water sooner. To fix this, you have to call a professional plumber. In the meanwhile, you can flush the heater by first emptying the tank and then cleaning it. Following which, you can fill it up with fresh water to give you long-lasting warmth.
  4. Old/broken thermostat: If you thought that your home HVAC system is the only one with a thermostat, you were wrong. There is one attached to the heater as well. This lets you control the temperature of the water as per your requirements. If you feel like the hot water is running out quicker than anticipated, you need to reset the thermostat and see if it fixes the problem. Turn the temperature up once you have reset it and check if it works or not.

Conclusion: All the reasons discussed here are the most regularly seen problems associated with hot water running out. While some primary solutions to each of them are given, they are temporary. Calling in a hot water plumber Mandurah will be able to give you a decent idea of what is wrong with the heater, and then even fix the same. QA Plumbing is a company that has been providing emergency plumbing service in and around Mandurah for long. So, what are you waiting for? Dial (08) 9582 8822 and call a plumber today!

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