Many times, what happens is that when some plumbing issue appears, some of you tend to take the responsibilities on yourselves, and try to mend the problem. While you succeed sometimes, other times you fail, and then contact a professional plumber to settle the issue. However, sometimes you do not even realise that you have committed a mistake. These mistakes that are not noticed can backfire on us later in an emergency. Only when you are aware that what are the common mistakes that can be committed, you can avoid them or acknowledge that it is best to call the professionals. To help you understand, experts have shared some of the top mistakes that DIYers tend to commit while plumbing here.

Also, know that fixing some of these plumbing issues require expertise, and it is best to contact professional plumbers. If you live in Mandurah and require help, then make sure to call experienced plumbers in Mandurah for flawless service.

5 Plumbing Mistakes that DIYers Should Avoid

Know the five plumbing mistakes that you can commit while DIY plumbing.

Overtightening Connections

One of the most common errors that DIYers commit while plumbing is that they overtighten the pipes, supply tubes, fittings and toilet bolts. When a galvanised or black pipe, elbow, coupling, or tee is overtightened they run the risk of cracking. Although the crack may not appear right after you do the plumbing, over time the excessive force can make the fitting break and cause a flood.

Plastic fittings on supply tubes and toilets are more commonly found to be tightened excessively than is required. Make sure that when you are tightening the hex nuts you are not applying too much force as this can start leaking. Also, overtightening the closet bolts that are between the bowl and tank, or at the floor can eventually crack the porcelain, and flood the toilet.

It is for this reason, you can consider taking help from professionals, as they can do the work flawlessly. If you are a resident of Mandurah, then you can get in touch with experienced plumbers in Mandurah for the best result.

Not Drying Copper Pipes Before Sweating

Before sweating it is necessary to ensure that the copper fittings or pipes are dry. If water is near to where you are working it can cause the joint to break down and leak. Even heating the water that is present with a torch to boil it off when working can also fail you. This is because the steam might end up creating holes in the solder. So, finally, when you turn the water on, you can find the water shooting out from the joint. In such cases, you will again need to redo the work. Therefore, your effort will make no sense and go to waste. So, ensure that the copper pipe that you are sweating is dry.

Not Working with the Right Tools

Plumbers’ work appears easy because they use the right tools besides having expertise. On the other hand, some DIYers often try to accomplish the plumbing work with alternative tools that are not fit for the job. This is where things take a wrong turn. Work that could be easily done with the right tools ends up in a mess. This can mean the minor problem is aggravated, and you ultimately need to spend more. Some of the examples of the same are as follows;

  • Using a strap wrench does not damage the finish on the faucet. Also, do not wrap an adjustable wrench’s jaws with an electrician’s tape.
  • Don’t remove faucet supply tubes with an extendable basin wrench

Avoiding fixing plumbing issues with the wrong tool and inexperience, can benefit you considerably.

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Mixing up Tees, Wyes and Elbows

It is critical to know, which drain fittings to use in each application. This is essential because only then will you be able to avoid the problem of unpleasant smell. If you commit a mistake such as connecting a p-trap with a vertical drain you install a wye, then add a 45-degree elbow to create a connection for the horizontal p-trap,  then the set-up may look okay. However, it is a code violation and can lead you to the problem later. This is because, here the drain will flow at a very high speed down the steep slope, and this can cause the water to escape from the p-trap. Further, this will allow sewer gas to enter your house, and the entire house will start smelling. In this case, a tee should have been used.

However, if you want to fix the problem properly, it is better to leave the problem in the hands of plumbers.

Plumbing Without Spare Parts

One of the other major mistakes that DIYers often commit is that they buy a single item, for instance, a washer or cartridge or other materials that they need to address the plumbing problem. In this case, while doing a faucet repair, if the problem is that the washer or cartridge has worn, then chances are that other parts of the faucet have also worn. Now, if DIYer doesn’t change the gasket, stem seal and O-rings when replacing the cartridge, then in future he/she may end up with a leaky faucet. This means he/she has to visit the hardware store again and spend time and more bucks to fix the faucet.

This is why it is wise to take the help of professionals. Although, repairing a faucet can be a minor issue, however, that is when DIYer has the experience and he/she knows how to handle the job, have a complete idea of the problem, and accordingly buys the spare parts.

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Some plumbing work may appear easy on the outside, however, know that they are not. Knowledge and experience are two important things that make a good plumber. A good plumbing framework helps to keep your house in proper condition. So, if you are someone who chooses to do DIY plumbing without proper knowledge then, make sure you do not commit that mistake. Only after gaining knowledge about the work, and what might go wrong, should you approach to mend it yourself.

In this blog, we have shared the top mistakes that a DIYer can commit while plumbing. So, now that you are aware of all these points it is likely that you can make the right decision. Now, if you feel that the plumbing problems you are facing or the ones that you can in the future, need professional interference, then get in touch with a professional plumber. If you are in Mandurah, you can get in touch with QA Plumbing, a leading plumbing company in Mandurah that can send experienced plumbers in Mandurah to your place to fix the issues. To contact them, call (08) 9582 8822 or drop an email at

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