Own a commercial restaurant that is constantly facing the problem of a clogged commercial kitchen? Then, definitely, some mistakes are being committed by your hired staff. Any successful food service outlet must have a fully operational commercial kitchen. Clogged drains will surely hamper the efficiency of your culinary operations in crowded cafeterias and bustling restaurants. Clogs not only interfere with your workflow but also put your health and safety in danger. For your commercial kitchen to be tidy and productive, preventing clogged drains is crucial. We’ll look at a variety of professional pointers and techniques in this blog to assist you in maintaining the efficiency of your kitchen drains.

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Top Tips to Prevent Clogging on Commercial Kitchen Drains

Clogging drains in the kitchen of a commercial unit like a restaurant is no joke! It is the main area, that runs the business; hence, it must be operating smoothly. To ensure that drains stay clear and clogging does not happen, here are some tips that you should follow.

Make it a point to ensure that your staff scrapes the dirty plates

Cleaning up after serving sauces or gravy can be a nightmare for restaurants, especially if your clients keep their dishes on the table for an extended period of time. However, scraping such dishes is essential if you want to prevent a clogged drain in a business kitchen. Over time, the dirt that sticks to those plates might build up and clog your pipes.

You may need to offer incentives for scrubbing those dishes. When you’re not around, some of your employees will breach the law because you can’t supervise them all the time. However, it is essential that they follow such best practices.

Here is a guide for you on what are the sink disposal mistakes to be aware of to avoid kitchen drain clogging.

Waste should be put in the trash

Food scraps may pose a greater issue than the grease you remove from dishes. Due to their size, they can easily clog your pipes. Fortunately, by adding one more step to the cleaning process, you can solve this issue.

Before scraping the dishes, dispose of any food scraps. Always have your staff pick up the scraps, no matter how minor they may seem.

Global hunger statistics will shock you; world hunger is on the rise, and affects approximately 10% of the people around the world. So, you can also distribute the remaining food to such an unfortunate group of people.

Implement a regular cleaning schedule

Regular cleaning schedules are part of a proactive drain care strategy. Make sure that every member of the kitchen crew is informed on how to properly dispose of food waste, oils, and debris. Cleaning sinks, strainers, and drain covers daily can stop buildup and greatly lower the danger of clogs.

Use strainers and screens

Installing strainers or screens in sink drains is a straightforward yet incredibly efficient solution. These tools stop food scraps and debris from entering the drainage system. To keep the strainers operating effectively, empty and clean them frequently.

Put hot water in your sink

You cannot completely shield your pipes from grease or oil. Every time you wash a dish, you must presume that some grease is being washed down the drain as well. Run hot water down your drains after each use to solve this problem. The fats and oils you’ve flushed down the drain should melt due to the hot water.

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Avoid using chemical drain cleaners

Using chemical drain cleaners as a temporary remedy may seem alluring, but over time, they may do more harm than good. These corrosive substances can harm pipes and make clogs worse. Instead, choose softer cleaning agents for your plumbing system, such as natural or enzymatic ones.

Regularly maintain floor drains

Floor drains in commercial kitchens are susceptible to clogging due to the accumulation of food particles and debris. Regularly clean and maintain floor drains to prevent clogs and ensure proper drainage during cleaning procedures.

Seek professional assistance for sticky clogs

If you encounter a sticky clog, refrain from attempting to clear it on your own since the wrong methods may make the problem worse. Instead, call skilled plumbers who have experience working with commercial plumbing systems.

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Keep up with plumbing upgrades

Keep abreast of new developments in plumbing technology and think about upgrading your setup as necessary. Modern plumbing systems frequently have elements that can reduce the possibility of clogs and increase overall system effectiveness.


All these tips will definitely be of great help to avoid any kind of clog in your restaurant’s kitchen drain. Only make sure that you train and educate your staff to see the problem beforehand and make them understand the consequences it can bring. Unfortunately, if you are right now dealing with such a problem, then make sure that you get in touch with a top plumber. Are you based out of Mandurah and looking to hire a good commercial plumber in Mandurah? Then you can get in touch with QA Plumbing Company. The leading plumbing company is over 17 years old and can send staff who can handle the worst problems in the best way. So, if you want to contact us, dial (08) 9582 8822 or drop us an email at admin@qaplumbing.com.au.

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