Considering installing a hot water system for your home in Mandurah? Unable to decide between a gas or an electric one? There are lot of things to consider before you can make an informed decision. You should make sure that you are getting the most cost-effective and reliable model for your situation. You may also consult with one of the Mandurah plumbing companies and explain your specific requirements. Let us first define them both.

Electric Hot Water System

Electric systems which also go by the name of cylinders come in two styles- instant and storage. With instant hot water system, the water takes some time to get properly heated up but then you can avoid the energy cost of constantly keeping the water warm.

Gas Hot water Systems

The source of boiling water in case of a gas hot water system is either LPG that is delivered in bottles or natural gas supplied through a pipe network. Depending on circumstances, a gas hot water system could be a viable option for you if you are living in a place where not much sunlight is available for running a solar hot water system or the system for hot pump water is not suitable.

Electric Hot Water System: Advantages

An electric hot water system has 2 main advantages over its natural gas variant:

  The process of installation is much simpler: One needs the expertise to properly wire the units.

  The heater units are safer: The units are less risky because they are not operated by natural gas. Hence, an electric water heater could be installed at any possible place.

Gas Hot water Systems: Advantages

They can be cost effective if you have a gas line installed prior to this. Moreover, with the price of gas being cheaper than the cost of electricity, this will be a good option.

Comparing Costs

From the above discussion, it is quite clear that gas hot water systems are effective to maintain whereas electric water heaters are cheaper when it comes to installing. But let us see how do the costs actually break down over time.

1.  Based on certain utility rates, the cost of running an electric hot water system is more than a gas hot water system. However, what people often overlook is the efficiency factor.

2.  Water heating demand and energy cost is a small part of installing and operating the system.

3.  Electric water heaters hold advantages over fuel-fired systems in the matters of cost. The customers receive a reduced bill because of factors pertaining to system design, the cost of installation, service life, maintenance and the impact of space conditioning loads.

4.  When one calculates the entire cost of operation and ownership, an electric water heating system scores better.

5.  People would sometime choose an electric water heating system even if the cost of a power supply is more than that of the natural gas. It is because they want to avoid a potential safety hazard and rest of other inconveniences.

Better to call upon a professional plumber in Mandurah and describe your situation rather than collecting loads of online information. They hold the expertise and hence could define your situation in a better way.

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