The drainage system is an essential part of the plumbing framework of any residential unit. Every house owner has to deal with several drainage-related problems such as drain clogs, drain breakage, odour and more. Over the years, just like many other areas in plumbing, myths have also developed surrounding drain cleaning and plumbing. Many house owners think that some DIY tips can instantly get them out of the problem, however, in reality, that is far from the truth, and can hamper the drainage system. So, to prevent any damage to the drainage system you must first know which information can be misleading, and can make your situation worse. Here, in this blog, we have discussed some of these myths so that you know what to believe in and what not to.

Always know that experienced plumbers can suggest and offer the best solutions. So, for any drainage issues, call the best plumber. If you live in Mandurah, contact the top plumber offering drainage plumbing in Mandurah.

So, let’s check out the myths now.

Top 5 Drainage Plumbing Myths You Need to Know

Make sure you read all of them so that you can avoid costly mistakes while dealing with drainage plumbing issues.

Functions of all drains are the same

In a house, there are several pipes and know that each of them has been fixed to carry out a different function. Therefore, when it comes to features, they do not have the same set of features. For instance, if you observe carefully, you will know that drainage pipes that are being used for sinks are different from the ones used in sewer pipes. So, plumbing the drain if there is a blockage issue should not be conducted in the same, you can easily damage them.

To fix the drain whichever is causing the problem, you must get in touch with a professional plumber. If you are in Mandurah and are facing this issue, you must get in touch with any reliable and good drainage plumbing in Mandurah service provider.

Minor drain issues can be solved with DIY solutions

No plumbing issuesare minor until and unless you have the right knowledge, years of experience, and proper resources. You must let professionals do the drain cleaning and plumbing work because otherwise, you can end up worsening the situation. No DIY solutions can offer guaranteed solutions and if the problem becomes worse you may have to pay double to fix the issue. So, why take such a risk instead get in touch with an experienced plumber for fixing the issue.

If you live in Mandurah and looking for a plumber to fix your drainage issue, you can get in touch with the best plumber in Mandurah for receiving a seamless solution.

Commercial chemicals are best to fix drain clogs

Know that commercial chemicals can solve minor drain problems such as minor drain clogs, however, if the same issue is serious in nature, they may only give a temporary solution or can even worsen the problem. The same issue can appear again after some time. So, that can mean both wastes of effort and money. For a permanent solution, you first need to know what is the underlying reason. For this, it’s best to call professionals. One more reason to not use commercial chemicals is that they are harmful to the environment, so it is best to stay away from them.

Any plumber can solve drain plumbing issues

No, that’s not true. Never believe that all plumbers can solve all your drainage problems. The ones who are trained to do such work can easily able to fix your problem. So, you must always call a plumber who is licensed and has the right knowledge and resources. Choosing a local plumber for cheap services can only increase your expenditure because chances are that they will neither have the right tools to conduct the problem nor the expertise to fix the problem. So, the problem may reappear afterwards, and you will again have to call the plumber.

Why deal with such a mess when you can fix the problem with the right plumbers? You will only have to choose plumbers wisely, and the ones who are best in the field will show you client testimonials, past work records and experience. So, if you are in Mandurah, and want to connect with such professionals then only contact any leading drainage plumbing in Mandurah service provider

Slow water flow will resolve on its own

If water is flowing at a very slow speed, then know that it is a sign of a drainage problem such pipe leak or clogging. Most of the time, house owners tend to think that the reduced flow of water is because less water is being supplied, however, that may not be the case. The reason can be because your drain has developed a problem. In that case, not attending to the problem right away and waiting for it to get resolved soon would not be a wise decision.

What you must do in this case is get in touch with a plumber and get your problem solved. Do, you live in Mandurah, and facing such a problem? Then, get in touch with the best plumber in Mandurah immediately, to look into the issue, and for the best solution.


If you are someone who believes in any of these plumbing myths then you must know these are all myths, and in any situation, you should not follow these. Instead from now on if someone shares with you some quick DIY plumbing drainage or other solutions, you must verify them by collecting more information on the same. Hopefully, given that we have provided the right solutions to fix the issues, you can follow them for the best results. As we have already mentioned that it is best to contact a good and experienced plumber, you must always follow that suggestion. If you are in Mandurah and need help then you can get in touch with QA Plumbing Company for the best drainage plumbing in Mandurah. With 17 years of experience in the field, they can expert solutions for any issues. To contact, dial (08) 9582 8822, or reach out at

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