One of the costliest errors that can occur to you is when your drains get blocked. Blocked drains are a pretty normal affair for any home considering the amount of residues(hair, soap sediments, pieces of cloth and others) that flows down the drain regularly. When these residues accumulate on your pipes, you get a blocked drain. The associated consequences with a blocked drain can be nasty and unhygienic at times- dirty water floods the area giving out foul smell.

The easiest way to avoid encountering blocked drains is by getting your drains checked periodically by a plumber. Other than that you need to follow some pre-requisites to have a clog-free drain.

In this blog, we shall discuss some of the basic facts about drain cleaning and clogged drains.

1. How is drain cleaning effective?
To clean the interior portion of the pipes, the licensed plumbers in Mandurah use water jets. High-pressured water is sprayed along the length of the pipe while cleaning the inner walls. The long hose comes with other miniature cleaning tools that is specially designed to remove all kinds of sediments like grease or tree roots.

2. How often should the drains be cleaned?
There are several factors on which the need for drain cleaning is dependant including how frequently it is used and the age of your plumbing pipes. For instance, the commercial kitchen drains must be more frequently cleaned than the drains in a small home.

If your pipes are in an overall good condition, getting them cleaned once a year is a must as suggested by majority commercial plumbers in Mandurah to keep it healthy and clog-free.

Having tree roots previously in the pipes is another factor. If there had been tree roots cleared from the pipes in the past, your pipes should be checked twice a year. The entry of tree roots is easy as it enters through loose joints or hairline cracks. Even if the tree roots have been cleared, there is a chance of regrowth because the tree roots will re-enter the pipes as they are drawn towards moisture and minerals.

Inspecting the pipes twice a year for the growth of tree roots will keep the growth of roots in check and your pipes also clean.

But drains that are partially blocked, must be cleaned immediately. Do not wait for the pipes to be completely blocked; call the plumber right away to avoid plumbing emergencies.

If you are unable to decide when to call the plumber for blocked drains, check for these signs:

1. Pipes are making gurgling sounds- If you hear gurgling sounds when the water is passing down, it means your pipes are on the verge of getting blocked.
2. Foul smell coming from the drains- If the drains are blocked, coming across bad smell is a natural occurrence.
3. If the water is slowly draining- This is a sure shot sign that says your drain is blocked when the water slowly passes down the drain.

Conclusion- Maintaining a monthly inspection schedule for your drains is very important if you want to avoid extra expenditure, in the long run, behind your plumbing. So contact your trusted plumber today and get your drains checked.

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    Fixing blocked drains are really expensive. Thanks to this blog as now I am aware of the signs that say I have a blocked drain.

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