Sources of energy that can be replenished are called renewable sources of energy. Thankfully, our earth is blessed with abundant renewable sources of energy. These types of energy are essential for the survival of living beings-air, water, sunlight. Out of these, water is one of the most important necessities for our well-being. Although the amount of water that is present in our planet, does not seem it will get over, nevertheless, wastage of water in situations like an over-flowing toilet or burst-pipes, can be a trouble in the long run.

In this blog, we shall discuss some of the smart home devices that can prevent water damages in your home.

1. Smart water sensors- These are fixed in places where water leaks cannot be easily detected. For example: in the basements, anywhere near the pipes and even beneath the cabinets. An alarm goes out automatically whenever it senses a leak and since it is connected to your smartphone, it will send a notification also. You can also install these sensors in other areas like near the toilets, around hot water heaters and beneath kitchen sinks. Thinking of saving your house from getting water damaged is smart but installing water sensors are even smarter!

2. Smart valve- Whenever you have a leak, if you are present at home, you can easily shut off your water supply to your home and thereby prevent water damage. But what if there is a leak at night when everyone is sleeping? Or when no one is there at home? This is when a smart valve comes to the rescue! Along with your water sensors, the smart valve shuts off the flow automatically when a leak occurs. The main advantage is that you don’t have to worry about protecting your home against water damage because that is already done by your smart valve. You can call any professional plumber in Mandurah to get this device installed at your home.

3. Smart siren- This device is almost similar to a fire alarm. As a part of the security system, smart siren makes noise as loud as possible to inform the homeowner that something somewhere is wrong. For the best use, you can install a siren and connect it to your water sensors. Your siren will start ringing when your sensor detects water leak in your home. As a result, you will be compelled to inspect the places and ring up a licensed plumber in Mandurah to get the leaks fixed.

4. Freeze detector- Burst pipes are the common cause for water leaks. But if it occurs during the winter months, chances are the exposed water pipe can freeze easily and by the time you find this out, it would be too late! Water has already started spewing. This is when a freeze detector becomes useful; this device will alert you when the pipes get extremely cold. Get freeze detectors installed near the vulnerable pipes located in the basement, inside the house that has less-insulated areas. The sensor will automatically send an alert to your smartphone if the temperature drops extremely low.

Conclusion- Thus using such effective devices, you can bid goodbye to water damages in your home. These devices not only minimize water damage but also reduces unnecessary expenditure that you might have endured in the past due to water damages.

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  • Marry

    April 10, 2019 | Reply

    It is time that we do something to save our energy resources. The devices mentioned in this blog are useful in both ways- helps to save water as well as prevents suffering water damage. Very informative blog!

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