If the kitchen is your favourite place where you spend most of your time, what can be the most annoying plumbing issue? Obviously a blocked sink! Nothing could be more annoying than a blocked sink in a kitchen. The water accumulates along with the food particles and after sometime a horrible stench comes out! You can neither wash your hands nor your dishes and on top of that, you have to encounter that dirty sink every time you go in. Calling a local plumber in Mandurah would be the best in case your clogged drain is not relieved at all but before that, you can try some of the plumber-suggested ways to make your drain clog-free.

In this blog we shall discuss the causes of a blocked sink and how to fix it.

Causes of A Blocked Sink

A sink gets blocked when you throw forbidden substances down the drain in spite of knowing you are not supposed to. The most common causes of a blocked sink are:

• Food residues
• Hot oil or grease
• Soap residues and hair (in your bathroom drain)

Steps to Fix A Blocked Sink

1. Boiling water- A good way to clear out blockage in your drain is by pouring boiling water. If soap residues or excessive oil has blocked your drains, pouring boiled water will dissolve these and clear out your drain. But make sure you don’t pour boiling water into PVC pipes as it can ruin them. Before you pour boiled water, remove as much water possible from your sink; if the water is just draining slowly from your sink, wait for it to completely drain down and then pour the boiling water.

2. Vinegar and baking soda- According to most of the licensed plumbers in Mandurah, nothing works better than vinegar in removing sticky grease from your drain. Baking soda is used with vinegar because the reaction that occurs, is effective in removing the blockage from your drain. If blocked drains are troubling you, first pour the baking soda into the drain and then a good measure of white vinegar. Wait for a while until the mixture ceases to fizz and then pour hot water. Repeat the process if needed.

3. Plunger- This is the most common tool used to relieve a drain blockage and can be used not only by a plumber but also you. If pouring things down the drain isn’t effective in clearing out the blockage, consider using a plunger instead. A plunger uses the power of suction to remove the blockage. First cover the spouts (if there are any) or the second holes if you have a double sink. Make sure your drain is filled with sufficient water so much so that it should reach up till the bell of the plunger; then plunge the drain as many times as possible. This should be effective in clearing your drain blockage, provided your plunger has powerful suction and the blockage is compact. Finish the process by pouring hot water repetitively.

4. Time to call a plumber- If you have tried all these methods and found it to be of no avail, it is time for you to call for the best plumbers in Mandurah since they possess special equipment, tools and are also aware of the right technique. They know exactly which tools to use, how to identify the type of blockage and what can be done without injuring your pipes.

Conclusion- Blocked drains are really annoying as it hinders your work and troubles you in various ways. Hence, by knowing the above-mentioned methods, it will enable you to have back clear drains along with your peace of mind! And if these methods prove to be futile, you always have your reliable plumbing agency to help you out. To know more about drain blockage and plumbing hacks, phone us at 0895828822.

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