There are many causes that can damage the interiors of your home- an infestation of pests, damp and moisture and many more. Among these, one of the most harmful ones is a hidden leak that can lead to excessive water bills and even cause large-scale water damage. With such negative consequences, it can be said that a hidden leak is like your hidden enemy; the faster you detect it, the lesser will be the impact.

Detecting a hidden leak is important so that it doesn’t further develop into a major problem for which you must call the best plumbing company in Mandurah.

So how can you detect such a hidden leak inside your house? Here are the steps:

1. Hot water tank inspection- Your hot water tank could also be leaking for a long time without any sign. Usually there is a distinct soft sound when the water is continuously leaking but if there is no sound, the drain pipe has to be removed to check for the leaks. Also inspect well the connections of the water tank for any signs of leaking.

2. Toilet review- Checking the toilet for signs of a leak should begin with removing the toilet tank’s top and listening to the whirring sound of the leaking water. If you are able to hear this sound, your next task is to locate the place of the exact leak. According to the best plumbers Mandurah, another intelligent way to detect a hidden leak in the toilet is by adding some colour/dye into the tank. If you see the dye appearing in the toilet bowl before flushing, take it as a sign of leak at the bottom of the tank, in the flapper.

3. The pipe from the meter to the house- If you are receiving water bills charging high amounts for several months, it is time you check the pipe from the meter to the house immediately. A leak in this pipe is the sole reason behind your soaring water bills; if you detect any leak, immediately turn off valve for some time and check the meter to see if it is still turning. In addition, do not forget to check the area around the pipe- you will know there is a leak in case the ground around the pipe is wet or a clump of extra-green grass is growing only on this ground and not anywhere else.

4. Action to take if a leak is there- If you detect any leak in the hot water tank, toilet, pipes or taps, do not hesitate to call a licensed plumber in Mandurah. Any reputed plumber possesses various tools and equipment that they use to stop the leak. Besides, he/she is also aware of the right techniques and procedure that is required to stop the leak- be it in your hot water tank, taps, shower heads or pipes.

Conclusion- Having a water leak from the various plumbing structures can lead to both expensive water bills and water loss. If you are a believer in sustainable practices (for both money and saving water), read the above-mentioned ways to reveal a hidden leak straightaway!

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