The hot water system installed in your house, be it a gas heater or an electric system, provides a reliable way of supplying hot water to your house. While performing the installation or during replacement, several small details are often overlooked, and that might amount to a lot in the long run. We have, thus, come up with the top five of those mistakes that you, as a homeowner, need to avoid.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

As you buy a hot water system, it might become very tempting to try your hand out and install it yourself, but as you do that, you might encounter several difficulties. Hiring a gas hot water system installer Mandurah can stop you from making those mistakes and save you from any catastrophic results. So, what are those mistakes? Let’s find out!

  1. A wrong sized hot water system: The first thing that you need to ensure that you have the right-sized model according to your requirements. When it comes to a two and a half shower bath, you would need around fifty gallons of hot water and getting a decent hot water system that allows that much water would ensure you save a lot of money on the initial and running cost. If you end up buying a larger size instead, you would be wasting a lot of time, water, and money unnecessarily.
  2. Wrongful fitting of the system: When installing a hot water system on your own or repairing the same, a common mistake you might make is soldering the fittings too close to where the tank is. This might end up with heat melting any dip-tube or plastic fittings, thereby causing damage to the water heater, more often than not, irreparable. The best way to do so is to unscrew the nipples and then soldering on the fittings separately.
  3. Using incompatible metal pipes for the installation: A fundamental thing that most homeowners aren’t aware of is that hot water system installation or replacement calls for separate metal pipes. If your hot water system has brass or copper connectors and your house also has copper connectors, the installation would be a breeze. However, if your home has galvanized steel pipes, only a gas hot water system installer in Mandurah will be able to install it properly and save it from any leaks in the future.
  4. The T&P overflow valve: Typically water heaters come with a temperature and pressure (T&P) valve responsible for releasing high heat or pressure inside the system. However, if this valve isn’t installed the way it should be, the hot water system might explode or burn the bystanders with piping hot water. Having a professional for the replacement or the installation ensures the valve is connected and any future damage is averted.
  5. The Dry Firing Process: Once the hot water system has been installed or repaired, you need to ensure that the circuit isn’t turned on till the time the heater is filled with water. This will ensure that all the air inside the tank is released by opening the faucet and you will have to wait till there is an uninterrupted water flow. This process is known as a dry firing that saves the hot water system from any crack or overheating.

Conclusion: Installing a hot water system using any do-it-yourself videos seems like a cakewalk, but it is not until you do it yourself would you understand the hazards that they come with. QA Plumbing is one of the finest companies with a specialized team of gas hot water installers in Mandurah that can take care of your water heater installation and repair. In case you want to know more, get in touch with the team.

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