In any inhabited property the existence of a functional drainage system matters a lot, as it helps to keep the property clean, and the environment hygienic. In fact, having a proper drainage system is a basic necessity. Therefore, every household has its own way of dealing with its household drainage framework. However, even though the drainage system stays well-maintained in many households, sometimes the problems can become recurrent and can appear repeatedly. In such exceptional cases, the basic maintenance solutions can fail to fix the problem, and a thorough inspection becomes extremely important.

Professional plumbers in many such situations suggest draining camera inspection. Now, without proper knowledge, you might be reluctant to opt for such services. Therefore, it is important to first identify when a drain camera inspection can be a helpful step, and you should hire a good plumber to perform the inspection. If you live in Mandurah, know that to get the best result, you must hire the best plumber in Mandurah to conduct the inspection.


What Is Drain or Sewer Camera Inspection?

A drain camera inspection is a way how professional plumbers to identify accurately what is the underlying problem that is failing the drainage. Under this technique, the professional uses a camera that is waterproof and stays fixed to the cable. This camera is equipped with an independent light source that offers the plumber a clear and unresistant view of the sewer line and the drain.

The camera is small in size, so it can go deep inside the drain or sewer line, and the plumbers can easily identify the cause of the problems, for instance, cracked pipes, blockages in the drain or the sewer line due to tree roots, foreign objects, or accumulated grease etc. or whether the pipes have become misaligned.

So, let’s check out what are some of the signs, which make a drain camera inspection necessary.

Top 7 Signs You Need to Perform a Drain Camera Inspection

Inspection with the help of drain camera is necessary for many plumbing problems, since without proper diagnoses the plumbers may not be able to fix them. Besides, identifying already developed problems, the camera inspection may also be helpful for finding minor drainage plumbing issues, which can take the shape of a worse problem over the course of time. So, now without further ado let’s first check the drainage plumbing signs that require proper diagnosis with the help of a drain camera inspection.

Persistently Clogged Toilets or Drains

Toilet or drain clogging is a common plumbing problem that can be fixed easily with the aid of a good plumbing professional. However, if on your property you face the persistent or frequent problem of clogged drains and toilets, showers, sinks and other areas of the house then it can indicate that the issue is arising from somewhere deep down the line. In this case, it would be difficult for any plumber to understand what is the actual problem, and fix it. With the help of a drain camera inspection, the professional would be able to identify the problem and acknowledge what solution can fix the problem.

Frequent Sewage Backups

If there is any disgusting off all plumbing problems that exist, then it is that of sewage backup problem. Generally, sewage backup occurs when the wastewater is pushed back in the drain, sink or toilet. This occurrence leads to a nasty smell, and harmful contaminants can be released in the place where the problem arises. One sewage blockage does not right away call for a drain camera inspection. Excessive rainfall in an area can easily overload the sewer line in the area and can cause a backup problem. However, if this problem without any apparent reason appears again and again, then it can mean that are blockages, clogs and breaks in the sewer line of your property.

This is when you would need a proper drain camera inspection, as it would help you to understand what is causing the problem, and let the professional fix it. Now, if you are in Mandurah, and sewage backup has become frequent in your property, then make sure you call the best plumber in Mandurah for a proper drain camera inspection and solutions that can fix the problem.

Water Marks on Floors and Walls

Drain lines in a property stay on its walls and floors. When a leak occurs in these lines, will cause water damage in these areas. Now, this issue can lead to mould formation and water damage. If you find such problems in your residence, then you should at once opt for a drain camera inspection as it can help you to understand where the problem lies since the camera can access even difficult to access areas, and show what is the problem, and where it has occurred. The professionals accordingly can suggest a solution, and help to fix the issue.

Sewage Smell

The sewage smell can be so bad that it can make it difficult for the household members to live in the residence. And such a nasty smell arises from the toilet, which has loose wax rings, dirty drains or biofilms, and sinks with dirty overflow drains. Also, problems can be due to clogged, and/or damaged sewage lines.

In case these are active problems in your area, then it is best to contact professional plumbers. If you are in Mandurah, then you should also follow the same, and avail the best drainage solutions in Mandurah such as drain camera inspection from top professionals.

Water damage in the Basement

While leaking drain pipes can cause damage to the walls and floors, a sewer line in the same way can create similar problems for the basement foundation. Since most of the sewer lines are underground and outside, it is natural for sewer pipe lines to have a connection in the basement for a residence. When the sewer pipe lines are damaged in this area, it will lead to water damage in the basement. So, if you notice any wet patches in your basement, you must right away give a call to the professional plumber in your area, and go for a drain camera inspection.

Waterlogged Patches in the Yard

Sewer lines that are located underground, and outside, and if there is any sewer line issue, the leakage can cause a water-logged yard and a foul smell. Now, inspection with the help of drain camera can help to identify the problem, and the location, and hence, can aid the professionals in repairing the issue precisely.

Plants near the sewer lines

If you find the growth of plants near the sewer line, know that it can be due to a leak in the sewer line. To gain a better understanding, solutions like drain camera inspection can be of great help. If you are in Mandurah and need proper drainage solutions in Mandurah, make sure to contact the best plumbers in the area.


A drain camera inspection is an extremely helpful way, and the first step that any household member can take to save their residence from a bigger plumbing problem. Besides, saving your residential property in the above-mentioned situations, it can also help an individual when he/she is purchasing a property.  A proper inspection of the property before buying can show any drainage plumbing problems that are there in the property. Therefore, can help the buyer to make the right decision. Now, if in your residence you can currently find that signs, then it is time that you make the right decision. If you live in Mandurah and need help then what you can do is get in touch with the best plumber in Mandurah at QA Plumbing Company by dialling (08) 9582 8822 or dropping a mail at For more information, you can visit website.

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