Every house owner wants to keep their house in top shape. You may make it a point to paint your house every year or every alternate year and change your furniture frequently. However, one of the most important points that many forget about is taking care of the plumbing framework in the house. As a result, sudden breakdown of pipelines, nasty sewer smell or even bigger problems like sewer backups or gas leaks etc., appear out of nowhere. Although plumbing emergencies are sometimes unpredictable, they can also happen because a minor plumbing issue was not addressed at the right time. Keeping the plumbing system in check helps to avoid big expenses and even prevent big accidents. So, it is important to consider conducting routine inspections and taking preventive measures to fix the plumbing issues (if any) at the right time.

However, plumbing issues require expertise to understand the root cause and fix them properly. Thus, make sure to conduct any plumbing inspection and maintenance with the help of the right plumbers. If you live in Mandurah and need to contact plumbers here, make sure to get in touch with a good plumbing company in Mandurah.

So, let’s check out what are the plumbing tasks that you must include in your periodical maintenance checklist.

Ideal Plumbing Maintenance Checklist for Your House

Take a look at different tasks that are essential to include in the plumbing maintenance checklist.

Check for water leaks

A water leak is one of the most common plumbing problems that often creates a huge mess in households. If you are calling your plumber then make sure that he/she inspects the house pipes, faucets, and other places for water leaks. A minor water leak can quickly accelerate to become a bigger issue and flood the household. To avoid such a problem, make sure to take the right action at the right time. Any sign of moisture, puddles, mildew, water spots or moulds can indicate that there is an active water leak in your property.

If you live in Mandurah and need a plumber for the inspection, maintenance or repair of your plumbing system, then make sure to contact an experienced plumbing company in Mandurah.

Signs of corrosion or rust

Checking for signs of corrosion is a very important part of preventive maintenance to avoid any bigger issues later. Spot a sign of corrosion and eliminating it then and there will stop it from spreading. Besides this, you must also ask your plumber to check for limescale around water faucets or shower heads. If you have copper pipes you must conduct an inspection to check for blue or green deposits on them.

Checking the signs of corrosion will help to address these issues and prevent them from developing into leaks or even breaking down later on.

Check water pressure

Don’t forget to ask your professional to check the water pressure in the house. You may not have any idea that water pressure is slightly low or higher, but a professional knows about the ideal water pressure level. Checking will help to know if there are any underlying issues if the water pressure is high or low and conduct further checks and inspections to find out the same. So, you must consider checking this to avoid any future inconveniences.

Check the valves

Another important area that houses owner often forgets to inspect while doing preventive maintenance is checking the valves. Any good plumber howeverwill always suggest you include this in your checklist. So, make sure that your plumber tests the valves and ensures that they are functioning properly and reliably or not.

If any valve is not functioning optimally, then you must immediately consider replacing them with new valves. Replacing the valves that are not working correctly will help you to avoid blowouts.

Drain blockages

Drain blockages are another common plumbing problem that can contribute to many problems such as decreasing the water pressure, emitting a foul odour, leading to flooding and more problems. Blocked drains required to be deal with hydro jetting or power rodding and this requires expertise. Ignoring to check drain blockages and thinking you can deal with them later is a huge mistake. It is always wise to take care of the drain blockages timely and with the help of a plumber.

In case you live in Mandurah and are looking for reasonably priced plumbing services, you can contact an affordable plumber in Mandurah. However, make sure to contact a plumber who can offer genuine solutions.

Water heaters

Water heaters require proper professional attention. As it is an important appliance, and need specialised knowledge to keep it maintained. So, whether you have a new water heater or an old one, you must conduct a periodic inspection of the same. You never know when a water heater can develop a leak, become corroded on the inside, develop a layer of sediments, which can cause trouble, and more. Top plumbers recommend that you should at least annually flush the system once and can change the anode to extend its lifetime.

Examine septic system

Make sure that you check the septic tanks and line regularly and include it in all plumbing preventive maintenance checklists. The septic system helps to remove unwanted wastage from the house, if it fails then it is only a matter of time before the issue blows out of proportion. So, check for tree root intrusion, prevent clogging (if any) and ensure that the septic system is clean and in the best condition.


The plumbing system is subjected to wear and tear, therefore, if it is not looked after you may have to suffer unexpected problems at unexpected times. Now, imagine if something minor like the faucet in your washroom breaks down when you are taking a bath, how inconvenient it would be! Right? This is why no plumbing issue should be treated as a minor issue. If the water heater is gargling, or less water is coming out of the tap, make sure to get the problem fixed at the earliest. To avoid unexpected expenses or prevent major plumbing problems, wise house owners invest in following a plumbing checklist like the one mentioned above. So, if you are someone who wants to keep your house in the best condition in every way, you must consider conducting a periodical plumbing maintenance routine and a checklist like the one we have provided here. Looking for a good plumber? Then contact QA Plumbing, one of the most reliable plumbing companies in Mandurah. To contact them dial(08) 9582 8822, or drop a mail at admin@qaplumbing.com.au.



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